I no longer have headaches


“I heard Dr. B as a guest speaker where she spoke about how important sleep is, and how chiropractic care can help. Coincidently, I was having trouble sleeping due to discomfort in my mid/upper back and was exhausted. I felt that I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try.

Besides not getting much sleep, I was finding it increasingly more uncomfortable to sit at my desk at work for prolonged periods of time. I also had nagging headaches that I had grown to think of as “normal”. I no longer have headaches and my sleep has improved!

I really appreciate how welcoming and nice the staff has been and their effective technology will help show you exactly what is going on. I love that Dr. C is able to tell me how to correct my issues, and doesn’t sugar coat it. He seems to always want to make sure we get any issues addressed in the time that I’m there. Dr. C has a true down to earth personality and really cares enough about you to even give a follow up call on a weekend to make sure you’re feeling ok.

Lastly, I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling and how quickly I can be on my way. I will continue to recommend Discover Chiropractic whenever the opportunity presents itself!”


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