See What Others Are Saying!

Please feel free to read below about what some of our patients have said.  So many of them have discovered something new after finding help at Discover Chiropractic.  They had such great success that they are very eager to share their stories.

I felt a change immediately!

“When I first came to Discover Chiropractic it was because my hips were uneven and I was having leg pain due to a growth spurt. My mother Jennifer works with a current patient named Jillian and she referred us to Discover Chiropractic.

Before coming here I had tried heating pads and had leg pain for 3-4 weeks steadily and it was getting worse. After my first visit I began to notice a change and improvement immediately! I can now enjoy typical 5 year old activities like running, jumping, and climbing with out pain.

There are many things I like about Discover Chiropractic but the most significant is the overall timeliness and zero wait time. There is always availability and I can get scheduled the same day I call in if I need to. I haven’t had the chance to refer anyone to Discover Chiropractic but when the opportunity arises I will definitely let them know about my positive experience!”


My mobility is much better now!

“I first came to Discover Chiropractic because I was having issues with my low back, specifically my sacroiliac joint. I had tried many things such as physical therapy, and even receiving cortisone shots for about a year and a half! My dad had been coming here for issues to help with his knees and hips, and highly recommended that I give them a shot. I noticed a big difference with care. Then I hurt my back at work a few months later when I was helping a client. I had strained several muscles in my back and I was barely able to neither walk nor stand up straight. Now that I am able to recover from setbacks much quicker than I would have anticipated. My mobility is much better now even when the pain is present.

The thing that I enjoy most about coming to Discover Chiropractic is the quickness and friendliness of the staff. My friends and family say that they are glad that Dr. C has been able to put me back on track quickly when flare ups occur! I am happy to refer friends and family here and just referred my husband!”


I’m able to lift weights and work out again!

“I first came to Discover Chiropractic it was because I was having shoulder pain for over a year and I couldn’t find relief with just Ibuprofen.  My friend suggested that I try them out and see if they could help reduce the pain.

I began to notice a difference in my shoulders within the first few sessions of treatments! I am now able to start returning to a healthy fit lifestyle by lifting weights and doing light workouts again. When beginning treatment I did not anticipate any other pain relief, but I have noticed less lower back pain since starting treatment.

I really like the nice greeting with a smile I always get when I go to Discover Chiropractic and I enjoy the friendly conversations when I come through the door. I have had the opportunity to tell my friends and family about Discover Chiropractic and I will continue to refer them because of the professionalism from Dr. C and his staff.  It is always a positive experience from the moment you walk in the door until you leave.”


I can walk better and do normal daily activities!

“When I first came to Discover Chiropractic I was having neck and back pain from a car accident. I was acquainted with Dr. Huynh through Relay For Life and I decided to come in about one week after my accident since the massage therapy didn’t seem to help as much as I wanted it to.

I began to notice a difference within the first 6 weeks. I have been able to slowly return to a healthy lifestyle, including my normal day to day activities and getting back to work closer to my full hours like I did before my injuries.
I have had very good results from the treatment. I really like how friendly the staff and Dr. Huynh are. I also like being kept up to date on what I was experiencing with my injuries and being able to track my progress.

I’m very excited that I can return to daily activities and looking forward to continuing my treatment so I can work more and have the opportunity to tell my friends and family about Discover Chiropractic!”


It only took a few days to notice a difference!

“I had been having back soreness for years, but I suddenly started having sharp pain for a few weeks in my upper back and chest.  My mom had been coming to Discover Chiropractic for awhile, and she told me how amazing it was, so she recommended I come and get checked out by Dr. B.

Once I started getting adjusted, it only took a few days to notice a difference!  The sharp pain began to happen less frequently, and I had less soreness overall.  I’m able to do my school work easier and sit more comfortably, too.

I think what I like best about Discover Chiropractic is that they help you with your problems as well as make you comfortable and relaxed in the environment.  The service is great here, and everyone is very friendly, which makes it relaxing and helps very much.

If I could refer anyone in, it would be my twin sister.  But I would say to anyone, if you have back pain and problems, you should definitely come here to get checked out.  You won’t regret it!”


I noticed a difference right away…

“I had been having chronic pain in my low back that would go into my leg for about 5 years.  I had tried cortisone shots and was on some pretty powerful pain medications to help control the pain.


I first met Dr. B when she came into the café where I work.  I had also heard from a friend how he felt better after seeing Dr. B, so I thought I’d give it a try.  After getting adjusted the first time, I noticed a difference right away!  It’s been great because I’ve been able to take less pain medication, plus I’ve been able to be more active outside with yard work and gardening.  My friends and family have noticed that I have more energy now since starting care.  The thing that I like most about Discover Chiropractic is the professionalism of Dr. B and Dr. C.  I tell everyone about them!”


There was a huge difference within just a couple of weeks!

“I had been having sciatic nerve pain into my left leg for 8 years, plus I had a spot in my mid-back that was incredibly painful.  I’m on my feet most of the day, so it was really difficult to do my job because of the pain.  I had gotten cortisone injections in my low back for my leg pain, but they haven’t taken care of the problem.

When Discover Chiropractic opened in Nicollet, I decided it was time to let Dr. B check me out.  Within 2 weeks of starting care at Discover Chiropractic I noticed a huge different in my mid-back pain.  I sleep better at night and I’m able to bend forward with almost no pain since I began coming to see Dr. B.  I really like how she adjusts me.

My family and friends are glad that I’m finally getting help to manage my pain.  I tell people about how much Dr. B has helped me every chance I get!”


I was living in pain every day…

“I’ve had back pain for about 45 years.  Part of the problem is that I have scoliosis, so I’ve been dealing with the daily pain from that, plus I’m an active person and do a lot of housework and gardening.  I have been to medical doctors who wanted me to take pain killers, but I didn’t like that idea.  I’ve also been to other chiropractors;  I had been seeing Dr. Kunerth, and when he retired and Dr. B took over his practice, he told me about the type of adjusting Dr. B does with the Activator, and I did some research on the internet about it.  I also visited the practice during the open house before coming in to see Dr. B.

I began seeing an improvement in my pain levels about 15 years ago, but the biggest improvement I’ve had has been with Dr. B.  I’ve been able to clean house, garden, mow the lawn, and even roll out of bed with no pain.  I can’t believe how much less pain I have!  What I like most about coming to Discover Chiropractic is that it actually works and it doesn’t hurt when I get adjusted.  I am thrilled that I am doing so much better, and I’ve told several people about my success story.”


I couldn’t sit down without pain…

“I had been having low back pain, mostly in my left hip area, and neck pain with headaches for 3 or 4 years. It was progressively getting worse to the point where I couldn’t sit on the floor or sit cross-legged to play with my kids. Plus I was getting headaches 2 or 3 times a week.

I had seen another chiropractor for this and was going about once a month, but I wasn’t really getting any relief. I saw Dr. B’s article in the newspaper, so I thought I’d give her a try. She recommended I come in much more often at the beginning of my treatment, plus she gave me a bunch of stretches to do to help. After about a month, I was walking longer distances and was able to sit without pain! My body feels more relaxed overall, I’m getting less headaches, and a big bonus is that I’m sleeping better. Even my friends and family have noticed that I seem more relaxed.

Dr. B and her staff are all friendly and knowledgeable, and I always feel like Dr. B is really listening and cares about how I feel. I referred my dad here, and now he’s a patient, too!”


My knee started feeling better immediately!

“I was having some aches and pains in my knee for a few weeks and thought that it was getting better.  Then one day, it just suddenly got a lot worse and I could barely walk or stand on it.  The pain was very sharp, and it felt like my knee was bruised.  I had not really tried anything else yet, but my trainer had suggested I see if I needed Graston therapy.  I knew Dr. B and Dr. C for a long time so I asked if they could help.

After limping into Discover Chiropractic, Dr. C explained why I was having so much trouble.  I was scared about getting Graston therapy done, so he helped to ease my worries.  We decided to proceed with getting adjusted, and I am so glad we did.  My knee started feeling better immediately!

The amazing part is that I can now work out, walk, and even use the stairs without pain.  I just feel so much more energetic now because I can get my exercise done in the mornings.  Not only did they help with my knee pain, but the staff here is just fantastic.  My friends and family in particular are amazed that I’m pain free and didn’t have to have surgery.”


I’m doing so much better that I can do steps without any problems!

“I had been having back pain for about a year and a half. I did not believe that I would be able to get any improvement from chiropractic care because I had been seeing a different chiropractor, and spent three months with physical therapy without having any improvements. I first learned about Discover Chiropractic from my “make me better” network of people! Kristy Baker of Just Kneaded Massage, Gary Jo Jordan of Body Concepts, and my acupuncturist Stephanie Hylla all highly recommended Discover Chiropractic. I had also spoken to a back surgeon who encouraged me to see them as well. Together this network of people have taken me from having a “piriformis” muscle problem that literally stopped me from doing things I enjoyed, to healing the problem that allowed me to be the happy person I used to be!

Now I’m doing so much better that I can do steps without any problems. I can also walk again and am not in tears all the time! All I can say is that it is so much different from any other experiences I’ve had with chiropractic care. My last chiropractor was going to send me to the cities for surgery so I am thankful I came here for help.

One of my most favorite things is that I can come in at my convenience and I do not have to undress or wear a gown just to get adjusted. I know that I am welcomed at any time, and can get in quickly if I have a busy schedule. I am really excited to refer my sister with fibromyalgia to see if she can get help too!”


I usually feel an immediate improvement after getting adjusted!

“I had been having back pain for over ten years, and going to graduate school for so many years just added fuel to the fire. I have a job that requires me to be very sedentary, which has also been very hard on my back. I knew that I needed to get help, and since I had been getting chiropractic care since I was an infant, I was looking for a clinic that specialized in the Activator Methods. Discover Chiropractic was the perfect fit.

I have been doing much better with their help. I usually feel an immediate improvement after getting adjusted. I’m very thankful that I have been getting a lot less headaches since I started getting adjusted again. I would highly recommend them if you need help because the treatments are so easy! The best part is they are so flexible it really helps to accommodate my busy schedule.”


I started feeling better after a couple of treatments!

“I was about 29 weeks pregnant when I came to Discover Chiropractic. I had been having low back pain for about ten years, but it had gotten worse with my pregnancy. My friends had recommended that I get help, so I gave it a shot.

I started feeling better after a couple of treatments! I couldn’t believe how quickly things felt better after each treatment. I can now sit longer and stand up from a seated position with much less pain. The staff here is very friendly and it really shows how much they care about how much pain I was in, and how I improved. I also love how quick my appointments are! I’m very happy that it’s been working for me.”


After just a few days, I started feeling much better and the numbness was gone!

“One day my back just completely seized up on me when I was playing with my cats. I was getting numbness in my entire leg as well, so it was very concerning. I was told I had scoliosis when I was younger so I have had back pain before, but nothing like this. I was very limited to what I could do, because standing after I was sitting made it worse, as well as just walking. I used ice and even tried some stretches, but they did not help at all.

I knew Dr. C and Dr. B from school, so I trusted that they were very knowledgeable with the human body. I decided to come in to see if they could help with what caused this. They did a great job helping me to understand how I hurt my back, and what I could do to help myself. After just a few days, I started feeling much better and the numbness was gone. I can now stand and walk around without any problems!

I really enjoyed my time here. I have had nothing but a positive experience. Even my friends and family have noticed how quickly I recovered and they think it’s incredible how far I’ve come. I would gladly recommend all my friends, family, and co-workers!”


I wasn’t expecting my pain to go away so quickly!

“I had been having pain pretty much all over my body when I first started coming to Discover Chiropractic, but particularly in my low back and hips, as well as in my feet and wrists. I had been seeing another chiropractor and had not gone in for awhile. I decided to switch because it was really close to home. Both my husband and son had already seeing Dr. C, so I decided to give it a shot.

I began to notice a difference right after I started getting adjusted, and really can’t believe how gentle it is. I had this pain for many years, and had even seen a podiatrist for the pain in my feet, so I was not expecting for my pain to go away so quickly. I can now walk and sit more without pain.

Everyone at Discover Chiropractic is very friendly and supportive. Whenever people ask me about it, I have told them what a nice place it is.”


The pain was so extreme, I couldn’t believe how fast I recovered!

“One of my friends and classmates, Darcy, had recommended that I come to Discover Chiropractic. I had also known Dr. B since she was my anatomy instructor, so I trusted both of their opinions. My low back was killing me, and I was so desperate that Darcy had to drive me to the office as I limped inside for my first visit.

I had started getting low back pain recently, but it went away on its own. It happened again a week later, and then one more time a few days later. I had tried massage therapy but a few days after the last episode, I was just lying on the couch when it happened again. I was just lying there on the couch! That’s not supposed to happen just lying there—and it was excruciating!

I never had back problems before, but I used to see a chiropractor for my right shoulder. He adjusted me all over by twisting and bending me manually, so I was so intrigued that the treatment at Discover Chiropractic was so gentle. It turns out that it’s absolutely perfect for anyone who is as anxious as I was!

After only 2 weeks I was feeling much better. I’m now back to running on the treadmill and even my light weight lifting. The best part is that I can sit for a long time in class too. I really couldn’t believe how fast I recovered because the pain was so extreme—it even scared me how bad it was, so I’m super excited to tell everyone how miraculous it was. My adjustments were way easier on the mind and body than anything I have experienced in the past, and I’m living proof of it!”


My back feels so much better and my Migraines are gone!

“I was just slightly hunched over putting on my make-up one day when my back went into spasm. It was painful! I have had low back pain before periodically but it usually went away on its own. This pain was way different, as I could barely move or sit without being in terrible pain. My mom and I had met Dr. C through a Body Pump exercise class, and he had mentioned how people can greatly benefit from chiropractic care, especially if they have had low back pain. I decided that I was going to go in for a check-up due to the pain I was having.

I did not intend to get any help with my headaches, but I mentioned that I had been getting migraines for months too. I had tried stretching and taking ibuprofen, but neither of them helped. I began to notice a difference within a few weeks of treatments! I am now able to sit comfortably during car rides and haven’t had any issues with the headaches. Dr. C did a good job with explaining that my migraines were actually related to the problem I was having in my low back.

When explaining Discover Chiropractic to my family and my experience with them, they are very happy for me and the progress I have made. Discover Chiropractic has given me a great experience just from how they always have openings and they are so friendly!”


I began to notice a difference within four days!

“I woke up one morning and felt a n immediate back pain, so I needed help right away. I didn’t really know what to do, but I knew I needed to get help right away. I am not from around here so I checked on the internet to see who was available. They were one of the only places that were open late enough for me to get in right away.

I had been trying ice and heat on my back before, but nothing was helping. It was so bad that I could barely move my back, so my roommate had to drive me to see Dr. C. When I first started having those severe pains they lasted for hours on the first day but then after about 4 days they started to get better and I started noticing a difference.

I am back to doing my normal activities such as working out, walking, and playing soccer. I also noticed that after each session of treatment, the pain was almost immediately released. A couple of the things I like most about Discover Chiropractic is that they are really friendly and very well organized!

My family and friends are very happy to see that I am not in pain anymore, and I would be glad to refer any of them to Discover Chiropractic.”



I noticed a difference almost immediately!

“I had been having a pain in my neck that was going into my arms/shoulder since the middle of December. I was driving by and the sign for Discover Chiropractic caught my eye, so I stopped by to see if they could help. I have gone to several different chiropractors before, but I was very impressed.

I started noticing a difference almost immediately! I finally was able to work like normal without having stiffness in the neck, arms, and shoulders. Dr. C did a great job explaining what was causing my problems so I could understand what I needed to do to help. I also liked that they gave me some things I could do on my own, such as my exercises, and how to use ice and heat.

I have also noticed that my mental state has been more positive—which was great on top of just feeling better! My friends and family have noticed a difference too, and they tell me how glad they are for me that I found a chiropractor that works for me. I have already referred my son Will to Discover Chiropractic and he is currently receiving care too.”


I began to notice a difference within the first week!

“I had been having pain in my lower back for several months, as well as pain in my left shoulder for several years. I had tried different doctors in the area and I was not pleased. One Friday night I was searching on the internet for a local chiropractor when I found Discover Chiropractic. I went onto the website and it caught my attention that they offered services on Saturdays.

I began to notice a difference within the first week of treatments! I am now able to start returning to a healthy fit lifestyle, including going to the gym and playing soccer that I had to give up for some time due to my pain.

When beginning treatment I did not anticipate having any positive results due to my previous experience but, I have had very good results from the treatment. Discover Chiropractic has great staff as well as great customer service. Dr. Huynh is very knowledgeable in how to help people.

My wife is very happy that I am able to exercise with her once again and to live the active lifestyle that I had been missing out on because of my pain. I have been talking about my experience with Discover Chiropractic to many friends and family members!”


After trying everything else, I could enjoy sleep again…

“I was having neck and low back pain. I had already tried physical therapy, massage, medication, icy hot, and ibuprofen, without success. One of my coworkers recommended that I go to Discover Chiropractic, and what a difference it made!

I have had neck and low back pain for many years, but I started feeling relief immediately. As I continued with the recommendations the doctors made, I started to see even more improvement. After trying everything else, I could enjoy sleep again, as well as having a great time with my kids! I could not believe how much more flexibility I had, let alone all that pain that I had for so long just melted away.

I really love my experience with Discover Chiropractic, ranging from great experiences with the doctors, the reasonable prices, and that the treatment really works. Both doctors are very knowledgeable with how to help me, and did a great job explaining what happened and why. I have referred lots of friends and family to Discover Chiropractic and all of them have had similar positive experiences.”


I couldn’t do something as simple as crossing my legs…

“I am one of the owners of Natural Pathways, and I met Dr. B. and Dr. C while we were working together in a community project.

For four years I have been experiencing both lower and upper back pain. I couldn’t do something as simple as crossing my legs without making it worse. I had been doing Nutrition Response testing, but needed more help. I came to Discover Chiropractic and noticed an improvement immediately.

I am so excited that I am able to finally cross my legs without pain! I was so amazed because I felt my overall health improving as well, and I am now finding enjoyment in just ‘being’ and not being uncomfortable on a daily basis.

What I like most is the consistent care I receive and the improvement I have noticed within myself. I have referred several people to Discover Chiropractic and will continue to do so.”


My recovery was amazingly fast – it was like I wasn’t hurt at all!


“I had broken my thumb during a rugby game, and wanted to see if there was any rehab that could be done after getting my cast off. I have a sister in chiropractic college, and she recommended Graston Therapy. I had been seeing Dr. Huynh and Dr. Bobendrier previously, and knew that they offered Graston Therapy. After being in a cast for three weeks, I went to Discover Chiropractic to begin my rehab therapy. I did the exercises that both doctors recommended, and noticed a greater range of motion in my hand and thumb almost immediately. Since I started the therapy, I have been able to do simple things like holding things, lifting weights, tying my shoes, and playing rugby again. During my care, I also noticed that I had less minor illnesses like a cold, and when I did get ill, I was able to recover quicker.   I love that I have such flexibility when scheduling to see either doctor, and that I feel very comfortable communicating with them. It feels great to know that they care so much about how I am feeling. I would gladly recommend Discover Chiropractic my friends and family. My recovery was amazingly fast—it was like I wasn’t hurt at all! ”


I was in too much pain to play with my 2 year old son…

“I have personally known Dr. Bobendrier and Dr. Huynh before they started Discover Chiropractic. I mentioned to Dr. B and Dr. C about having a soreness in my upper back and neck, and trouble moving my shoulder. They talked to me about the benefits of chiropractic care. It sounded like there was hope for relief even though this had been going on for over 2 years.

Once I began treatment at Discover Chiropractic, I started noticing significant improvement in my back approximately 2 months later.

I am now able to both pick-up my 2 year old son and sit down on the floor to play with him with less back pain. I also have been feeling less pain throughout each day. My posture has never been better with my care because I am more aware about ways I can help myself.

What I like most about Discover Chiropractic is that the doctors are very personable. I have referred family and a few friends to Discover Chiropractic and have heard some good words and encouragement.”


It was quite a breath of fresh air…

“I had originally started Chiropractic treatment over 10 years ago at another office, but between the difficulty of getting an appointment and fitting it into my life’s busy schedule, I decided to go elsewhere. I was told of Discover Chiropractic through someone at my work, and really liked the convenience of their hours and the location.

Prior to Discover Chiropractic, I had tried both Manual Chiropractic treatments and light Physical Therapy. Once I stated coming to Discover Chiropractic, I started noticing improvement within two/three weeks. Since then, I have been able to sit for longer periods of time. Additionally I noticed that my sinuses drained more freely—it was quite a breath of fresh air! I am now more in tune with my body.

I really like coming to Discover Chiropractic because both the doctors are nice and they listen (like a good friend). I have already had the opportunity to refer some of my co-workers, and my husband to them.”


I was at the point of desperation…

“I was told by a friend that had been successfully treated for plantar fasciitis about Discover Chiropractic. I was at the point of desperation for the same thing. Before I finally had enough, I had tried things like wearing different types of shoes, icing, sitting a lot more than usual, and seeing another chiropractor. After a year, I finally had enough and came to Discover Chiropractic. Within about two weeks, I could definitely feel that things were getting much better.

I am now able to stand and walk for much longer periods of time. Not only does my foot feel better, but my back, neck, and knee also have gotten a lot better. I believe that this is because the doctors treated everything that needed it, rather than just my foot. Both of them are very friendly, and explained my treatment thoroughly. Scheduling to see them has been a big bonus because of their hours as well! When I have told my friends and family about my experiences, most of them are surprised to hear that chiropractic care can help with my foot problem. Some of them are now saying that they will try it if they ever have a problem!”


I noticed an improvement right away…

“I had been having back pain for 10 years, and it was only getting worse with my work at Office Space Design. That’s when Dain Fisher told me about Discover Chiropractic. I had tried rest and ice, but adding chiropractic adjustments helped and I noticed a change right away after starting care. Since I have been getting adjusted, I have much more movement with my shoulder and I can ride bike without too much pain. I’ve also been sleeping better and feeling better when I wake up in the morning. I like the doctors at Discover Chiropractic, and the furniture, of course. I like the good feeling I have when I leave. I’ve told my friends and family about Discover Chiropractic and hope they can benefit like I have!”


I can walk without pain…

“I was training for a 5K when I started experiencing sharp shooting pain in my lower back as I tried to walk or run. I tried doing stretches recommended by my trainer, but after nearly 3 weeks of having this pain I decided to try chiropractic. I chose Discover Chiropractic because it was close to home and near my gym.

It turned out that I really liked the doctors and how flexible they are. After about a week and half I started seeing improvement in my back pain. I can now walk without pain, and I’ve been able to continue to work out. Not only that, but my whole body feels better-it has loosened up and is less stressed! I have recommended several of my co-workers to Discover Chiropractic when we have spoken about my back, and how great I already feel!”


I was struck from behind by a semi truck…

“I was struck from behind by a semi truck and began having pain in my neck and upper back. I was at a conference for the next few days and was unable to see anyone. During that time, I felt very stiff and was having constant pain.

I had been getting regular massages to help with usual aches and pains before the collision, but this injury seemed to make things worse. After about 2-3 weeks of care at Discover Chiropractic, I started feeling better. I was having less pain and tightness and noticeable more motion in my neck. What I liked about Discover Chiropractic is that they are very efficient, and it is a friendly environment.”


I can sit and drive without pain…

“My son had told me about the care he was receiving at Discover Chiropractic, and after suffering with chronic back and neck pain for 6 months or longer, I decided to give it a shot. Before coming to Discover Chiropractic, I had tried ice, heat, and ibuprofen to help with the pain, but nothing seemed to fix it. After starting treatment at Discover Chiropractic, I started feeling mildly better. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride-sometimes I would feel better and sometimes even a little bit worse. After about 3-4 months, I started feeling dramatically better. I am now able to sit and drive without pain, and my entire back and neck are free of chronic pain. My friends and family have commented that I seem to have more energy now. I think what I like the most about Discover Chiropractic is that the doctors really care about you and getting you better. I will continue to tell others about my experience with Discover Chiropractic in hopes that others can benefit as well.”


I hadn’t knitted or crocheted for 2 years because of my hands…


“I met Dr. B. and Dr. C. after church while we were having coffee and rolls.  I had been having pain and a prickly feeling in my left elbow that sometimes went up into my shoulder and down into my hand as well.  I was also having headaches.  I had been having the problem in my hands for about 2 years, and my elbow problem had been there about 6 months before I decided to make an appointment at Discover Chiropractic.  I thought Dr. B. and Dr. C. could help me with my elbow, but I thought that the prickly feeling in my hands was a permanent thing.  Well, after I began treatment I saw some improvement within a week or so.  The prickly feeling I had been having in my elbow is gone, and so is the prickly feeling in my hands!  I am also having less frequent headaches.  I can now knit and crochet again, which I had given up doing due to my hands for the last 2 years!”


My classmates had to carry me to Discover Chiropractic…


“I remember it like it was yesterday-I was at school and Dr. B was substituting for my Anatomy & Physiology class.  I went to the library and dropped a pencil on the floor.  As I went to pick it up, I heard a pop in my low back and I was in an immediate crisis.  My back was screaming in pain-it was so bad that it was worse than giving birth!

Luckily for me, Dr. B was on hand and was able to help.  She advised me to seek help immediately, so I did the best thing for me at the time and went to Discover Chiropractic.  I must say that I do not regret it one bit!  I have hurt my lower back before and went to the emergency room.  I was given pain medication, but I couldn’t function while taking them and they really didn’t do anything to fix the problem.

When it happened this time, it was much worse.  I was in tears from the pain and several of my classmates had to carry me to Discover Chiropractic. I was amazed at how they helped me and explained everything thoroughly.  After just the first week of care, I was feeling a lot better.  My friends and family noticed that I looked like I was doing better and commented on it all the time.

After three months of diligent care, I can safely say that I feel 100% better and am so excited about it!  I have told my other classmates, friends, and family about Discover Chiropractic, and would highly recommend anyone else too.”


Coming here was the best decision my doctor and I made!


“I was involved in a motor vehicle accident where I was side-swiped, and as a result, started experiencing neck pain and low back pain.  I went to see my doctor who prescribed me some exercises to do.  They seemed to help a little bit, however nearly two months later I was still having the same pain.  It was very difficult to do any of my normal activities without causing strain to my neck and back.  I was not able to even stand up straight without causing pain in my lower back.

Under the advice of my doctor, I sought care at Discover Chiropractic.  About two weeks into the care, I had already noticed that I was feeling a lot better.  Throughout my care here, I noticed the personal type of care that both doctors gave me.  Also during this time, I had gotten cold-like symptoms and was amazed at the relief I got from my congestion!

Coming here was the best decision my doctor and I made!  Today, I feel fantastic and am back to normal.  I am completely pain free and can perform all of my normal activities.  I would definitely tell all of my friends and family to come to Discover Chiropractic.”


I have less injuries like rolling ankles…


“I’ve been a long time Chiropractic patient, so when I moved to Mankato for school, I needed to find a Chiropractor close-by.  My sister helped me find Discover Chiropractic online.  At the time, I was suffering from a cold and fever.  I had gone to the clinic and gotten some medicine to alleviate my cold symptoms, but they seemed to take longer and I didn’t like taking them.    After I got adjusted at Discover Chiropractic, I noticed an improvement later the following day.  In the past I’ve had sore ribs, back, and neck that the Chiropractor has helped me with.  With consistent visits, I notice that injuries and illness were few and far between.  I’ve improved in my activities, including snowboarding and rugby.   I’ve also noticed that after receiving Chiropractic care, I have less injuries like rolling ankles, shifting ribs, and stiff neck.  They all seemed to go away.  Plus I get better sleep and have more energy!  I like Discover Chiropractic because they have a flexible schedule and great attitudes.  But most of all, I feel comfortable that they truly care about my well-being.  I’ve been going to the Chiropractor all my life and this was the best care I’ve received.  My family loves hearing about it!”


I was in pain for four months, and couldn’t pick anything up…

“I was in training to become a nurse, and started experiencing shooting pain in my arm and back that would cause my fingers to go numb.  My family physician had told me that I had tendonitis and that there wasn’t much that I could do for it.  I was in pain for four months, and got to the point where I couldn’t pick anything up.  I even started having to do everything with my left hand because it was getting so bad to use my right hand.

I had never been to a Chiropractor before, but was fed up with being in pain all the time, so I decided to go to Discover Chiropractic.  Dr. B had been an instructor of mine, so I felt comfortable having them take a look at what might be causing my arm pain.

They were very thorough in explaining everything they were doing, and why they were doing it.  I was given exercises that I could do at home, and they really helped.  After about a month, I really felt like I was going to see an end to the pain and I couldn’t have been happier!  I am now fully recovered and can perform my daily tasks that most people take for granted, such as writing, typing, and picking up a gallon of milk.  Now that I have been under their care, I am much more in tune with my body, and have a better understanding of how to take care of it.  With me becoming a nurse, taking care of my back is especially important so I can start my career off the right way.

Not only am I happy, but my friends and family are happy that I am not in pain all the time.  My kids are very happy that I can multitask with two arms now!”


I could barely walk

“I started getting really bad pain in my feet almost a year ago.  It was the absolute worst in the morning.  It got so bad that I could barely walk when I got out of bed-I had to hobble around until my feet loosed up a little bit.

I had been seeing Dr. Bobendrier and Dr. Huynh for my headaches, but I didn’t know that Chiropractors could do anything for my foot problem.  When I finally told them about it, they told me I had plantar fasciitis, and that there was a fairly simple treatment for it called Graston therapy.  We started the Graston, and within 3 treatments my foot pain was almost GONE!  After 8 treatments it was completely gone.  After a year of pain, all it took was 8 simple treatments with Graston Therapy.  I am so thankful to be able to wake up and jump out of bed with no concern about being able to walk!”


I was having terrible pain in my feet

“I was having terrible pain in my feet for several years.  When I saw my doctor, I was told I had something called plantar fasciitis.  I had tried stretches and exercises to do at home, over-the-counter pain medication, and even massage therapy but nothing was helping.  I decided to mention this to Dr. B and she told me about Graston Therapy.  I decided to give it a try since the pain was getting worse and I have to spend a lot of my time on my feet.  After a couple of weeks, I noticed a drastic improvement.  Since finishing the therapy, I have been able to resume all of my normal activities without any pain or discomfort.  I admit that the procedure itself was uncomfortable, but I can attest that it works and was well worth it!  I”m now back on my feet and would highly recommend it for anyone suffering with the same thing.”


Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain

“I woke up one day and my neck and low back were hurting without any reason that I could recall.  It got so bad that, like most people, I went to urgent care for it.  And like most people, I was prescribed pain killers for it.  Again, like most people, I did not like being on the medications as it just masked my symptoms.  So after awhile I stopped taking the pain killers and was off the medication for over 2 years.  During that time, my pain never got better.  I was living everyday with considerable pain whether I was active or whether I was just doing nothing.  I got tired of it.  I had previously seen a Chiropractor, but did not have much success with it.  Eventhough I had heard about some of the great things Discover Chiropractic had to offer, I was still reluctant to go.  But after dealing with this long enough, I decided I had had enough of it.  And let me tell you that I am now 100% convinced it was the best decision I ever made.  Having worked in the healthcare industry all these years, I had tried everything I knew for my condition.  What I didn’t know was how great Chirorpactic care was for it.  I did exactly as Dr. Huynh and Dr. Bobendrier instructed me to do, and here I am completely pain free after just a few weeks.  If I had known this 3 years ago, I would never had have to live with this pain for so long.  I am happy to report now that I have been pain free for several weeks now, and are really enjoying being able to participate in all my activities without having to consider how it might effect my neck or low back.  I must say that both Dr. Huynh and Dr. Bobendrier are very  patient, caring, professional, and thorough with the care they provide.  I really appreciated all the information they gave me, and their willingness to take the time to answer all of my questions and concerns!”


Disc Bulge, Headaches, Shoulder Pain

“About one year ago, I was looking in the mirror, which is a simple task that everyone should be able to do.  I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my left neck and shoulder.The pain was very debilitating.I sought care with a medical doctor and they took an MRI and x-rays.I was told that I had two protruding discs in my neck.The neurosurgeon told me I could not have surgery because it was not bad enough yet, so I was to wait until it was bad enough for surgery, and in the mean time was given muscle relaxers and pain killers.The medicines did very little to help with the pain, not to mention the side effects of them.  My doctor had even told me that I should not seek Chiropractic care because it would make it worse.

Boy was he wrong!After a year of suffering with this, as it got worse and worse, I was finally fed up with it enough to go against the advice of my doctor and sought care at Discover Chiropractic.I must admit that I too was somewhat reluctant to go, but at this point, I was unable to perform any normal daily activities without pain, started getting weakness in my arm, and was unable to get even a couple of hours of sleep without waking up in pain.But both Dr. Huynh and Dr. Bobendrier took the time to thoroughly explain to me why my doctor’s opinion about Chiropractic was really just a misconception on his part.They went on to explain to me how and why Chiropractic care, particularly the type they would recommend, was extremely safe, even for the severe condition I was in.  Both doctors took the time to even sit me down and show me my MRI and x-rays, and explain where and why it was causing the pain I was in.  This was something NO ONE had done for me before.I must admit I was very surprised and pleased with how thorough they were.

After having started treatment at Discover Chiropractic, I feel a million times better.When I first consulted with both doctors, I explained to them that one of my main goals was to be able to get a good night’s sleep.And for the first time in nearly a year, I was able to sleep through the night without pain.  Since then, I have had many restful nights, my headaches are gone, and I am able to do all my daily activities with zero to slight discomfort.  Dr. Huynh and Dr. Bobendrier had also recommended I purchase an ergonomic cervical pillow specially designed for someone with injuries as mine.  At first, I absolutely hated it.  But they again explained to me the break in period I would need to adjust to it, and since then I absolutely love it.  I will never use another pillow again!

The reason I would recommend Discover Chiropractic to my family and friends is because both Dr. Bobendrier and Dr. Huynh care about their patients.  Before any recommendations were made to me, both doctors reviewed their findings as a team.  It doesn’t matter which doctor is working on me, because they know exactly what is going on with me, and both are excellent Chiropractors.To this day, coming to Discover Chiropractic was the best decision I could have made.”