My recovery speed was awesome!


“The first time I met Dr. C was through my job at Office Space Design when we furnished their office with new furniture. I was having reoccurring issues with my back so I met with Dr. C to see if he could help. His treatments quickly got me back to work. When I started having shoulder issues later on, I called him again to see if there was anything he could do. The pain was keeping me from my job and fitness training. It was easy for me to come back and trust that I was in good hands.

I had tried strength and flexibility training before discovering chiropractic care, and it just didn’t seem to do the job alone. I’ve had the same reoccurring issue for over a year and just couldn’t seem to shake it. With the help of Dr. C and Discover Chiropractic, I started seeing an improvement in my shoulder and overall wellness in two days! I am now getting back to work and back to the gym without pain!

The recovery speed from my injury was awesome! I have noticed more mobility and flexibility since I began treatment. The staff at Discover Chiropractic is great, and I really appreciate their proactive methods of treatment. I have had the opportunity to refer my friends and family, and I proudly recommend DC to each one! Pairing chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle have helped excel my workout regimen and helped me to reach my peak potential!”


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