See What Others Are Saying!
Please feel free to read below about what some of our patients have said. So many of them have discovered something new after finding help at Discover Chiropractic. They had such great success that they are very eager to share their stories.

If You’re In Pain, Go!


“I work with Dr. B at Rasmussen College, and she convinced me to stop tolerating my back pain and do something about it. By the time I decided to go to Discover Chiropractic, I was having back pain that would shoot into my leg. It was restricting my normal exercise routine, and it seemed to make every movement painful.

Through Discover Chiropractic’s thoughtful and knowledgeable service, I started to notice improvement within one week! I am now able to enjoy my time at the gym and get back to working out. I found the service friendly and encourage others that if you’re in pain GO!”




Dr. C put me back in line!


“With 4 kids, a young whipper-snapper for a soon-to-be husband, busy jobs, and physical hobbies, I have a lot to keep up with. I was doing my best to just push my pain aside and keep on, but it was just becoming too much. My good friend Bill mentioned he has had a lot of success being treated by Dr. C. I hadn’t tried much else, but I gave it a shot. Daily headaches and ongoing back pain were cramping my lifestyle!

Dr. C made me realize that I am out of line! Now, I’m not sure if he was talking about my back or my sass but he sure was right about one of them! Discover Chiropractic has made me feel better both in and outside of their office. The staff is so nice and they make me feel good about being me when I am here. I’ve already recommended a few people to Discover Chiropractic, and they did the smart thing and listened to me. ”


Eliminating chronic pain has made life more enjoyable!


“It seems as though Discover Chiropractic has become a common resource for my family. My mom has been after me for years to go in and have the doctors check me out. She’s been a loyal patient for years and convinced my aunt to be seen as well. They’re both up and running, so I thought I’d check it out. I was doing alright, but the nagging back and neck pain was interfering with too much.

After only 3 days, I was already feeling better. I can’t believe the impact chiropractic care has made on my life. I sleep better, my headaches are less frequent and severe, and my low back pain has nearly been eliminated. My life and work are much easier and more enjoyable now that my chronic pain is gone. My family, friends, and co-workers are very happy that I’ve found relief and are continuing to improve. I highly recommend Discover Chiropractic! Very effective and affordable treatment without painkillers is always a win in my book!”




Try It!


“My daughter called Discover Chiropractic because I was having low back and leg pain and needed to be able to walk without having to rest so frequently. She knew the benefits of chiropractic care and thought it would help my situation. In less than a week after starting treatment, I notice my symptoms and quality of life starting to improve. I am able to more around easier and walk longer distances without my heel lift. I haven’t heard many comments from my friends and family, but it hasn’t stopped me from referring them. I enjoy the friendly service and flexibility of appointments, and encourage others to “try it”!”


Driving is no longer an extreme sport!


“Dr. B, Dr. C and I have worked together for years at Rasmussen so I knew just where to go when I started having problems. I’ve been a Jack-of-all-Trades for a long time, but driving for work and caring for my two young kids was starting to take its toll.

I was having back and shoulder pain and dizziness that was making driving very difficult. I noticed relief immediately! Within a week, I had increased range of motion in my neck and less tension in my shoulders. Plus, the dizziness was gone completely!

The care I received at Discover Chiropractic was excellent! Scheduling was easy; my appointments were quick in-and– out, and the staff is wonderful! Thanks to Dr. C driving is effortless and no longer an extreme sport! To anyone contemplating trying chiropractic care: stop putting off feeling better! Take the time to be healthy!”




Dad says I cry less now!


“I found out about Discover Chiropractic through my mom, who was a student of Dr. B’s when she attended Rasmussen College. Since my birth, I have been a fussy child. About seven weeks into this thing called “life”, I was full of gas and feeling a lot of discomfort. Well of course, I didn’t like that so I fussed and fussed to tell mom and dad something was wrong. That is when they decided it was time to try something different.

I found relief through Discover Chiropractic. The doctors calm and relaxed demeanor provided my family with comfort. I am now a less fussy and gassy child which has certainly helped cut back on the crying! For all those on the fence about chiropractic care, I say just give it a try! You never know which course of care can make an improvement.”


Try It! It couldn’t hurt!


“I first came to Discover Chiropractic it was because I had been extremely fussy and wasn’t sleeping for more than an hour at a time. Then my mom remembered her old anatomy professor Dr. B was a chiropractor. After the second appointment, my mom got some rest because I was more relaxed and not nearly as fussy. We finally were able to build that mother and daughter bond everyone is always talking about. My family really enjoys that I am feeling better and is glad my mom brought me to Discover Chiropractic. Since I received such great care with excellent results, I am spreading the news to all of my friends and family. “Try It, it couldn’t hurt!””




They showed me how to take better care of myself!


“I’ve known this cool chick Tiffany Maass who had been seeing Dr. C for quite some time. I’ve worked in construction for years and participate in CrossFit as well. You could say I like lifting heavy things for a hobby, but it was really doing a number on my back. Tiffany didn’t want to hear my complaining any more so she sent me over to DC.

When I first started treatment, I was barely able to walk, sit or lay down. Treatment progressively got me back to a pain free life! 🙂 Dr. C has great knowledge of the human body and really made me feel comfortable by reassuring me that my problem could be corrected.

There are so many great things about Discover Chiropractic. Of course the fact that my pain is gone is #1. I also own a business in Mankato and don’t have much free time. The staff is always so great and flexible about getting me in. My time in the office was just as quick and efficient as a man like me needs. The appointment reminders are pretty awesome too!

I really appreciate how Dr. C and the staff treated me outside my adjustments. They taught me how to take better care of myself and encouraged me to do so. For anyone contemplating care, just remember it’s the only body you have so you should know what to do with it. Or at least Dr. C does!”


I am so pleased with the improvement I’ve seen!


“I’ve had knee issues for quite some time now and noticed that the pain was spreading to my lower back. I spend a lot of my time entertaining and hosting and being on my feet is absolutely necessary. My great friend Aaron raved about the care he received here and thought it may be worth my time to look in to.

After only 2 weeks of care, I’m already having less pain. I’m seeing improvement faster than I expected. My friends and family are so happy that I’ve finally found relief. I hadn’t had much previous experience with chiropractic care before, but I’m very happy I took a chance with Discover Chiropractic. The staff is very efficient and everything is handled so neatly.

Thanks to the great results and immense improvement I’ve already seen during my course of care, I am able to happily refer my friends and love ones to Discover Chiropractic! I only hope they’ll take my advice and be able to experience the same wonderful care that I have!”




After 2 treatments, I was feeling better!


“I felt a “zinger” of pain go from the back of my neck to the top of my skull while bench pressing at the gym. I got really worried that I had done some serious damage. I tried to ride it out for about a week but noticed it was getting in the way of everything including the workouts with my trainer. Thanks to Google and the flexibility of Discover Chiropractic I was able to get in to see Dr. C fast.

After the first 2 treatments I was already feeling better and able to start getting back in to my workout regimen. It is so much easier and more comfortable for me to read and lift weights. I’m even sleeping better! I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but I even got some tips to take better care of myself at home.

Going to Discover Chiropractic was a great choice. Their location is very convenient and the staff is so friendly! My friends and family are glad I’m feeling better and I owe it all to Dr. C and Discover Chiropractic. I haven’t been able to refer anyone yet but I’ll be proud to tell my story as soon as the opportunity arises.”


Work is easier, sleeping is better — Life is good!


“I had my knee scoped out after an injury. I was looking for help managing my pain and assisting with recovery. Not to mention I hadn’t been able to sleep through the night for years. My sister, Wanda, has been getting adjusted here for quite some time and mentioned I should give it a try.

After only 2 weeks, I was able to sleep through the night! I didn’t know that was possible again. I got better and better with each adjustment. Before I started treatment, I had trouble sleeping and working was hard. Gardening is a very physical job, and I was struggling to make it through the day. Now, thanks to Discover Chiropractic, work is easier, sleeping is better and life is good! For some reason, my friends and family say I don’t complain (as much). Even walking has become easier and I can go longer without a whim!

Thanks to the friendly staff and wonderful service, I’m walking quite a bit straighter. I strongly encourage everyone to check out all the available options when you’re uncomfortable or in pain. Chiropractic can help! Just ask me. I’ll tell ya!”




I wanted an alternative to the traditional adjusting method!


“Every day I was waking up with pain and stiffness. It would only get worse throughout the day and would be nearly debilitating depending on my work/life activities. I’d tried chiropractic before, but I was just not on board with the traditional method of adjusting any more.

I heard great things about Palmer College graduates so I looked them up online and it turns out there were 2 of them right here in Mankato! Once I found out they specialized in the Activator method, I had to make an appointment. After 3 weeks, I noticed a significant and sustained improvement!

The staff and doctors at Discover Chiropractic have great personalities and I am so grateful to have found an alternative adjustment method. Dr. C also helped me understand how my treatments here could work in sync with the inversion table I have at home to get even better results.

To anyone suffering from back pain or discomfort, I can attest to how maintaining regular appointments makes a huge difference! An added bonus: the Activator Method used here is much more pleasant than manual manipulation and “contortion”!”


They have redefined Minnesota Nice!


“I had been having pain in my low back since my twenties. It finally got so bad that I was unable to move from the supine position to sitting without assistance. After trying narcotics (prescribed of course), rest, heat, ice, and a TENS unit without relief, I had had enough.

I found out about Discover Chiropractic from Dr. B and Dr. C while they were Anatomy and Physiology instructors when I began nursing school at Rasmussen College.

After being treated at Discover Chiropractic, I have an easier time moving around at work and in the shop. I am taking less pain medication, and I no longer have to limp through life. In addition to the great care I received, the doctors help me understand that I needed to stay adjusted so my body can heal.

The staff is extremely friendly and have redefined my definition of Minnesota Nice! I have referred family and friends to Discover Chiropractic and will continue to do so.”