See What Others Are Saying!
Please feel free to read below about what some of our patients have said. So many of them have discovered something new after finding help at Discover Chiropractic. They had such great success that they are very eager to share their stories.

He truly does AMAZING work!!


“I was in a lot of pain, due to a pinched nerve in my back. I just woke up one morning in pain and it continued to get worse as the day went on. My husband, a delivery man, recommended Discover Chiropractic because the staff is always friendly. My discomfort only lasted a couple weeks while Dr. C. worked his magic. During treatment the mechanism that Dr. C. used to adjust me was gentle yet effective. I was surprised how well it worked with minor soreness afterwards. Adjustments are quick, yet Dr. C always makes sure he asks if there are areas of concern or if you have questions. During one of my treatments I was so congested that my jaw was hurting from the pressure. Dr. C. hit the “Snot Spot” and I couldn’t believe the immediate relief of congestion! One adjustment had me feeling so MUCH BETTER! My treatment plan is complete and I am pain free! Everyone seems to genuinely care and the ladies there are super friendly!”


I no longer have headaches


“I heard Dr. B as a guest speaker where she spoke about how important sleep is, and how chiropractic care can help. Coincidently, I was having trouble sleeping due to discomfort in my mid/upper back and was exhausted. I felt that I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try.

Besides not getting much sleep, I was finding it increasingly more uncomfortable to sit at my desk at work for prolonged periods of time. I also had nagging headaches that I had grown to think of as “normal”. I no longer have headaches and my sleep has improved!

I really appreciate how welcoming and nice the staff has been and their effective technology will help show you exactly what is going on. I love that Dr. C is able to tell me how to correct my issues, and doesn’t sugar coat it. He seems to always want to make sure we get any issues addressed in the time that I’m there. Dr. C has a true down to earth personality and really cares enough about you to even give a follow up call on a weekend to make sure you’re feeling ok.

Lastly, I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling and how quickly I can be on my way. I will continue to recommend Discover Chiropractic whenever the opportunity presents itself!”


They are both excellent!


“I was minding my own business driving to work one morning and got in a car accident. I called Discover Chiropractic and they were able to see me the same day. I have been seen in Mankato and Nicollet. They are both excellent!

I continue to be impressed by both Dr. B and Dr. C and their staff. They are very thorough, kind, gentle, and caring. They listen and pay attention to the smallest details!! They are very flexible with scheduling appointments. I have referred my family to them. My family is precious to me, I don’t let just anyone take care of them. Gradually I am seeing improvements with every treatment. I am slowly returning to “normal”. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to get my life back!! ”




For anyone in pain, trust them to help you!


“I had been dealing with degenerative hip and knee issues and needed help. Before coming to Discover Chiropractic I have tried physical therapy, stretches, as well as consultations with orthopedic doctors but just have not gotten results I had hoped for. The staff at Discover is very friendly, helpful and will encourage you along the way!

Thanks to Discover Chiropractic, my quality of life has improved because I have greater range of motion and the reduced pain has allowed me to exercise more! The muscle scan showed areas of concern in my spine and helped make it clear why my symptoms were occurring.

Discover Chiropractic has impacted my life outside my office visits by giving me a better understanding of my options other than surgery. They have also allowed me to be more physically active and do the things I love!”


I am smiling more as well as acting more outgoing than I have been before!


“My mom decided to bring me in because I was having issues with torticollis and I felt that Chiropractic care along with physical therapy would give me the best help possible. I was unable to fully turn my head to the left side and was having a lot of weakness in my muscles because of that. Within just 4 visits I noticed that I was starting to roll to the left side along with starting to turn my head to the left without any issues. My family and daycare provider have noticed a LARGE difference in me not only with moving around without issues but because I am smiling more as well as acting more outgoing then I have been before! My Mommy has told many of our family members and friends how big of a change we all have noticed in such a short amount of time, all due to the help of Dr. C.”



The entire office staff was so helpful and thorough!


“I had a walk in appointment on a Saturday and was treated like any other patient with a week day appointment. The entire office staff was so helpful and thorough! Better experience than all previous chiropractic offices. Dr. C suggested a scan of the muscles around the spine and the image provided was a great help to see exactly what services I needed. 2 weeks later a re-scan showed great improvement! I plan to come back routinely! ”


Everything started to get better.


“When I walked through the doors for my first visit I wasn’t able to sit in a chair for more than a couple of minutes, sleeping was impossible and life was increasingly difficult.

After a couple of sessions with Dr. B everything started to get better. She creates an individualized plan and is incredibly sensitive to your needs.

Both her and Dr. C come with my highest recommendation!”




Three days with Dr. C and my headaches started to disappear!


“I had been having headaches everyday for three months before I came to Discover Chiropractic. I was seeing my regular doctor during those three months with no results. After three days with Dr. C my headaches have started to disappear.

Finding relief has allowed me to get back to my normal life and my goal to become physically fit. Being without headaches everyday has changed my life so much. My relationship with my kids has improved and I have the energy to do the things I love.”


Dr. C really helped me understand the WHY!


“I had been having constant headaches and shooting pain in my low back when I found Discover Chiropractic. I had met Dr. C and Dr. B through Greater Mankato Growth and they convinced me I didn’t have to live with the pain. I hadn’t tried anything before chiropractic care, but I was never able to pin point what seemed to cause my pain.

It had been over eight years with random episodes of shooting pain throughout my low back, but I finally found relief. I can now concentrate on things I love to do and work without limiting myself. Dr. C really helped me understand the why and he was able to pin point the root cause. Just knowing the why helped me find a sense of relief.

The staff are all amazing and extremely knowledgeable. You can tell when you walk into Discover Chiropractic that everyone cares about you first and foremost.”




Be your own advocate!


“I heard about Discover Chiropractic the hard way. My wife, Wanda, has been a patient for quite some time. For years, she has gone on and on about Dr. C . The chiropractors I’ve seen in the past were heavy on manipulation and I thought it to be just too much. Wanda made me an appointment knowing I had been in a lot of pain for quite some time. My low back, hips, neck and posture made it difficult to get in and out of bed and out of a car. Even sitting down and walking were painful.

Many of my problems have been decades old and I could remember each injury as Dr. C treated them. My most recent injury to my left hip came after falling 3 times in 2 weeks! After just the initial exam, I took great comfort in knowing Dr. C was confident he could relieve most of my back and hip pain. His knowledgeable use of the activator for manipulation far exceeded my expectations. Walking has always been part of my exercise routine. Before treatment, I could barely make it half a block. Through my first treatment plan, that increased to 6 blocks and about 15 minutes. Now, I can go 30 to 45 minutes without any problems!

When it comes to chiropractic, 33% of reactions I’ve received are negative, 33% are already seeing chiropractors for relief, and the last 33% haven’t decided. How long do you want to suffer? Be your own advocate! Do the research! Listen to your inner self! Try it out for 3 or 4 sessions. I think you will notice improvement and get relief like I finally did!”


They helped me keep going!


“I had a bad case of whiplash many years ago that I was being treated by a chiropractor before. Those aches and pains got much worse after recently being in a car accident. I went to see my primary doctor who offered me muscles relaxers to ease my symptoms but I’m not a big fan of taking medicine. Then, I remembered meeting Dr. B and Dr. C at Business Before Hours.

I stopped in just to chat and they were able to see me that day! I’ve been seeing Dr. C almost a month now and thanks to him and the personable staff, I’ve been able to keep at my daily life. They really helped to ease my anxiety level by doing the leg work with the insurance companies. I’m feeling better and have seen improvement in my symptoms. Dr. C and his staff are really great and know just how to add
a great personal touch!”




Life’s too short to be living in pain!


“I heard about Discover Chiropractic through my father and thought they could help with my constant headaches and back pain. Before I took the leap to come here, I wasn’t able to work at the level I desired to. However, I didn’t have to wait long before noticing a difference. The very next day after my first adjustment, I noticed improvement.

I was pleased to see how the adjustments really do make a difference and Dr. B’s willingness to look at other problem areas. Even though it is work, I am able to enjoy it because I can physically do more now. I like how caring the staff is and would gladly refer my family and friends. I encourage others to take the time to get yourself better. Life’s too short to be living in pain!”


I couldn’t even bend to play with kids!


“My mom told me about Discover Chiropractic; she came here when she was in a car accident. She knew that I was having low back pain for multiple years that was hurting so badly that I couldn’t even bend to play with the kids at the daycare where I work. I had tried heat, ice, and essential oils, but nothing was doing the trick.

After getting adjusted, I started noticing an improvement within the first week! Now I’m able to play with the kids at my job like I used to. My favorite thing about Discover Chiropractic is how calm it is… and I have definitely referred people to try it out.”