For anyone in pain, trust them to help you!


“I had been dealing with degenerative hip and knee issues and needed help. Before coming to Discover Chiropractic I have tried physical therapy, stretches, as well as consultations with orthopedic doctors but just have not gotten results I had hoped for. The staff at Discover is very friendly, helpful and will encourage you along the way!

Thanks to Discover Chiropractic, my quality of life has improved because I have greater range of motion and the reduced pain has allowed me to exercise more! The muscle scan showed areas of concern in my spine and helped make it clear why my symptoms were occurring.

Discover Chiropractic has impacted my life outside my office visits by giving me a better understanding of my options other than surgery. They have also allowed me to be more physically active and do the things I love!”



I am smiling more as well as acting more outgoing than I have been before!


“My mom decided to bring me in because I was having issues with torticollis and I felt that Chiropractic care along with physical therapy would give me the best help possible. I was unable to fully turn my head to the left side and was having a lot of weakness in my muscles because of that. Within just 4 visits I noticed that I was starting to roll to the left side along with starting to turn my head to the left without any issues. My family and daycare provider have noticed a LARGE difference in me not only with moving around without issues but because I am smiling more as well as acting more outgoing then I have been before! My Mommy has told many of our family members and friends how big of a change we all have noticed in such a short amount of time, all due to the help of Dr. C.”


The entire office staff was so helpful and thorough!


“I had a walk in appointment on a Saturday and was treated like any other patient with a week day appointment. The entire office staff was so helpful and thorough! Better experience than all previous chiropractic offices. Dr. C suggested a scan of the muscles around the spine and the image provided was a great help to see exactly what services I needed. 2 weeks later a re-scan showed great improvement! I plan to come back routinely! ”



Hometown Business Connection: Discover Chiropractic

Here is the feature on Dr. B and Dr. C on KEYC TV’s Hometown Business Connection! Hometown Business Connection: Discover Chiropractic They are known as Dr. C and Dr. B around the community. Combining their passion for chiropractic care with community service to build their business over the last […]

Immune Function

We’re in the thick part of the holiday season.  The joy is high, but so is the stress!  Because of this, many of us are seeing our loved ones getting sick, so we have some tips to help keep everyone healthy.



Everything started to get better.


“When I walked through the doors for my first visit I wasn’t able to sit in a chair for more than a couple of minutes, sleeping was impossible and life was increasingly difficult.

After a couple of sessions with Dr. B everything started to get better. She creates an individualized plan and is incredibly sensitive to your needs.

Both her and Dr. C come with my highest recommendation!”


Kids Spinal Health Month

Fall is officially here and our October newsletter is ready!  The kids are back in school, the schedules are full, and that means some will get sick or injured.  In this month’s newsletter, there are some helpful tips to keep them healthy and happy.